The crisis of US rule

What’s not elaborated in all the penny-ante, Democrat vs. Republican reporting about Trump & the Russians is the sustained crisis of US rule. That means something when the government has been taken over by a lunatic & every agency of US rule (Congress, intelligence agencies, the Supreme Court, presidency, media) is exposed as corrupt in some way. But yet, notice how the US government continues on in war & austerity cutbacks without missing a beat even while the president is deranged & otherwise engaged. He’s the front office, not the engine of US policy.

The ersatz left is unable to take advantage of this crisis because its adherents hate liberals so much they either support or play equivocal toward Trump & show their political bankruptcy by opposing all protests against him. They had a momentary falling out with Trump when the US bombed the empty Syrian airport hangars because it impugned Assad for using sarin gas on civilians. A left that hates liberals, who make up the majority of protesters, but defends dirt-balls like Trump & supports dictators like Assad & Putin ain’t that left no more.

The libertarian left (indistinguishable from the libertarian right) rant against Russiagate & what the Democrats are doing to bring down Trump. Is there a problem with that? Shouldn’t he be brought down? Shouldn’t they all? Call me crazy, but didn’t the Trump cabal just give up the goods on that & admit they colluded with the Russkis not for detente but for the venal purpose of winning an election? Clinton still won the election. But the powers that be who really run this country handed the presidency to a screwball because they hoped he would implement a speedy & decisive shift to the right that would take years, even decades to reverse. Her regime would have taken slightly longer to get to the same place, inimical to working people.

I’m not a hater & don’t make that emotion the linch pin of my politics; I just disagree vehemently with capitalist politics & politicians. I save my hatred for the capitalist system of inequality & injustice where it can serve a useful purpose. So if you ask me, despite their ulterior & sectarian motives, the Democrats haven’t done a half-bad job exposing the arrant corruption of the Trump cabal & I hope they keep going for his jugular. Why libertarians don’t hate on the contemptible Trump & Republicans is because, quite frankly, they share most of the politics & all of the misanthropy. If you don’t believe me, try to distinguish between libertarian rants & Fox News.