The contemptible Robert Fisk belittles carpet bombing of civilians by Putin & Assad

E. Ghouta buried in rubble Feb 22 2018 (White Helmets) Feb 22 2018

That Robert Fisk is held in high regard as a journalist by many who call themselves progressive speaks to the theoretical, moral, & political bankruptcy of what is wrongly called “the left.” He has long since gone beyond the parameters of orientalism to arrant racist & xenophobic hatred of Arabs & Muslims. His writings on the Arab Spring uprisings & on the Syrian revolution against Assad (where like fascists Bartlett & Beeley he was embedded with the Syrian army) are a mockery of journalism but masterpieces of political pornography. It seemed impossible he could outdo himself in that regard but this piece published today in the Independent takes his political bankruptcy to new depths of depravity. Unlike most other Assadists who have nothing to say about the bombing of civilians in Eastern Ghouta & Idlib, Fisk knows it cannot be ignored against an avalanche of photographic & video documentation.

The article should not be paraphrased because it so completely damns Fisk as a two-bit apologist & hustler for Assad’s dictatorship. This particular comment exposes the absolute moral & political corruption of this guy:

“Again, let us remind ourselves that the people of Ghouta are paying a grotesque & ferocious & disgraceful price in human suffering for their location in the Syrian war, at the hands of – yes – the Russians & the Syrians. But what do the preposterous saints of the UN bureaucracy – who, alas, will never, ever, “run out of words” — & those who describe the siege of Ghouta as “the day of judgement” really think they are talking about? Let us, amid atrocities, keep a sense of proportion here. Auschwitz & the Jewish Holocaust & the Rwanda genocide & the Armenian Holocaust & the countless mass murders of the 20th century (we might discreetly remember Russia’s losses at the hands of Hitler’s hordes) were a lot closer to the “day of judgement” than Ghouta. To compare this terrible siege with the crimes against humanity of the past century is to dishonour millions of innocent victims of far worse crimes.”

Fisk article (warning: you will need an exorcism after reading):

(Photo of recovery efforts in Eastern Ghouta from White Helmets)