The Charlestown, South Carolina murders and the racist idiocies of Fox news

The police chief in Charlestown, South Caroline said “There’s no doubt in my mind it’s a hate crime,” after a white guy shot & killed nine people in a predominantly Black church. But Fox news found a Black minister in another state to claim it was part of “a rising hostility against Christianity” because of their Biblical views & not a racist crime.

He did call for armed self-defense which is something the Black community is likely debating because they have a right to defend themselves against violence & armed assault. But it is problematic because it would invite police & military intervention against the Black community, & not in its defense.

The good pastor should have followed in the footsteps of MLK, Jr. & launched a call for a new civil rights movement. There’s nothing more persuasive or intimidating to racists than political power.

Thank heavens for the emerging young Black leadership coming from the‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ movement.

Our deepest sympathies to the families & parishioners in Charlestown.

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