The Assadist attacks on Linda Sarsour

Assad supporters, led by their Australian hatchet-man Tim Anderson, are on a rampage against Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American who is director of the NY Arab American Association. Their issue with her is of course her support for the Syrian revolution. With unbridled animosity, vindictiveness, & dishonesty, they are out to defame & take her down. My political differences with her are very sharp indeed but it is unimaginable to treat someone I disagree with in such an aggressive manner. Aggression is saved for the likes of Henry Kissinger & even with him, animosity is tempered & lying is not allowable.

They’re also out to get Amnesty International now. They’ve already denounced Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, & all non-Russian & non-Assadist media. Those organizations are hardly perfect but the work they do is invaluable. The medical personnel of MSF/Doctors Without Borders are on the front lines everywhere, including in bombing zones. And Assadists vilify them as lying-assed criminals?

In their hermetically-sealed universe, hell-bent on saving Assad’s ass, there is no one left to trust but Global Research, Russian media, Tim Anderson, Bartlett & Beeley, that smarmy vicar from England, Tulsi Gabbard, & a few other venal propagandists. What exactly is the attraction of such politics?

PS: And by the way, we stand with Linda Sarsour. As well we stand with human rights groups who play an important role, even if they have political weaknesses.