The anti-journalism of Robert Fisk

This is a merciless, brilliant excoriation of British journalist Robert Fisk who traveled in Syria the same way as fascist propagandists Bartlett & Beeley–embedded up the ass of the Syrian army. Fisk once criticized journalists who embedded with the US army in Iraq so he knew exactly what he was doing & how compromised that made his journalism on Syria. His corruption as a journalist became overt & boldfaced during the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, & elsewhere where his contemptuous attitudes toward Arabs and Muslims were expressed in neon. Because he’s such a lowbrow racist & Islamophobe, he was incapable of seeing the monumental power & importance of those uprisings, including in Syria where he openly sided with the Assad regime against the revolution for democracy. He is no longer a reputable journalist but an apologist for dictatorship in the Arab world. Color him decayed.