Tariq Ali should stfu instead of posting banal Assadist memes

Tariq Ali’s sole contribution to the momentous discussion about the gassing of civilians in Syria is a stupid meme from an Assadist denying Assad gassed civilians. The meme said “The government lied about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, & Libya. And you think they’re telling the truth about Syria?”

One stands in awe of such irresponsible imbecility. Or is it just indifference?

When I was a young working class socialist, a very privileged older socialist said to me that his indignation had waned with age. It seemed incomprehensible to me at 25. It still does at 72. Maybe that’s what happened to Ali. Maybe his indignation flew the coop. But then he should just stfu rather than post memes from trivial minds apologizing for dictatorship & the bombing of civilians.