Tapan Ghosh is part of international tide of Muslim-hating

Tapan Ghosh, a well-known rabid Muslim-hater & Hindutva nationalist in India tweeted last week: “Perhaps 20% of Kashmiri Muslims have to be eliminated to make the others loyal to India.” That’s called incitement to genocide because 20% of Kashmiri Muslims would be over 1.5 million people.

Ghosh is the same guy who posted an article claiming the settling of Rohingya refugees in Jammu is part of a strategic conspiracy between Rohingya, Kashmiri Muslims, & the guerrilla group Hizbul Mujahideen. He also posted an Indian army video of soldiers with the bodies of Sabzar & Faizan shooting off guns celebrating the executions.

That’s the kind of hate-mongering not just Kashmiris are facing but Muslims everywhere. The extremes of it are seen in Myanmar & Syria & the most deplorable consequence is that the antiwar movement, much of the Palestinian solidarity movement, & progressive movements have swallowed this hate-mongering hook, line, & sinker.