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The idiocies of U.S. politicians and the plight of undocumented child immigrants

Unaccompanied minor immigrant July 23 2014

How old do you think this little girl is? Nine or ten years old at most? She’s an unaccompanied minor on a freight train in south eastern Mexico waiting to depart to the US border. She has over a thousand miles left to go on her own & is very likely to encounter one or more forms of violence including rape, kidnapping, assault, dismemberment from hopping on & off the train, disappearance, execution, robbery. If she makes it across the border she’ll almost certainly get picked up by border patrol agents & put in immigration jail in squalid conditions.

Now two Texas politicians–one a Republican & one a lesser evil guy–have the wretched temerity to claim she got here through trafficking & is associated with prostitution or drugs. They are sponsoring a bill in Congress which they sarcastically call the HUMANE act to whisk those kids in & out of immigration court in 7 days & send them packing back to Central America.

Most of us know by the time we’re out of kindergarten that you can’t reason with idiocy–not of that scope. When you deal with politicians you have to bully them into submission with power politics. If you try to reason or negotiate with them, you end up with hemmorhoids & a concussion from banging your head against the wall.

That’s why massive social change & justice have always required massive social movements that won’t take no for an answer. The entire Obama regime & every single bozo representing it from Obama & Biden down to Homeland Security are out to get these little kids. They talk about the “humanitarian” crisis at the border but that’s a concept they can’t get their pea brains around & only use to promote the most violent solution possible–sending all the kids back to an uncertain future.

It cannot be said enough that child welfare doesn’t honor citizenship or borders.Their humanity & vulnerability are sufficient to grant them asylum. But if you listen to these politicians talk about these little kids, you would think it was a swarm of locusts coming across the border.

Do you think this too harsh a judgement of the politicians? On the contrary, it flatters them & leaves out the worst of their traits. Though we should at least give passing reference to that stupid smugness that seems to come with the distinction of politician. Don’t wish it on your worst enemy. If you get to your grave without ever having to listen to them blither, count yourself a lucky soul. Their blighted victims will earn a special place in heaven. Amen.

Immigration is a human right! Open the borders! Close down the immigration jails! Grant asylum to all who come.