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Obama preaches from the Book of Zionism

Obama on Ferguson August 18 2014

As for Obama on Ferguson? He sounds just as abstract as the Pope on Gaza & the West Bank. According to Obama, “It’s clear that the vast majority of people are peacefully protesting. It’s also clear a small minority of individuals are not.” Not to be outdone by his own banality, he added, Violence “undermines, rather than advances, justice,” & “We must listen, & not just shout. Let’s seek to heal rather than wound each other.”

What a lovely homiletic; stirs the paltry soul–but the protesters are standing up to systematic violence against the Black community, against the summary execution of one of their kids, to overturn the martial law & curfew that denies them their democratic rights to assemble & protest under the Bill of Rights.

Nice try, Prez, but you’re pulling a trick from the Book of Zionist Operation Ethnic Cleansing, Chapter 7: Verse 4: “The word of the Herzl came unto me, saying, I won’t shed a tear for ye or show any pity. Instead, I’ll turn my murderous weapons against ye & my detestable practices will all be blamed on ye who dare to defy tyranny. No media will asketh questions for they have their snouts up my butt & all human rights violations will all be blamed on looters. Amen, sayeth the Prez.”

(Photo of the Prez from Yahoo)