Syria, Russia, & the era of zombie politics

Did you ever think you’d see the day when people who think they’re progressives stand in phalanxes of solidarity with Russia pumping their fists in anger at the US over emails whilst cheering on Syrian war planes bombing civilians in the Wadi Barada valley?

It gets worse: they aren’t just cheering on Syria but are acting as its propaganda ministry on social media by claiming those civilians are all Al-Qaeda who poisoned the water supply to Damascus with diesel. Civilians & rebels in Wadi Barada have allowed government engineers to maintain & operate the water pumping station in an area they’ve controlled since 2012. They say government bombers damaged the pumping station. Doesn’t that explanation make a hell of a lot more sense?

But this is the era of post-truth truthiness & zombie politics–& the most unspeakable betrayals of principles & human solidarity where the “anti-imperialists” swear allegiance to war planes, special forces, dictators, & death squads.

Give us a liberal any day–who holds human life in the highest esteem, who can distinguish between healthy skepticism & paranoia, who hasn’t lost their bearings & their marbles groveling over gurus who’ve long since grown jaded & dull–over ten-thousand “anti-imperialists” on the march to the right.