Sorrowful faces of Kashmiri mothers on International Women’s Day 2018

Grieving Kashmiri women (Junaid Bhat) Mar 8 2018

“Sorrowful faces of Kashmiri mothers on International Women’s Day.”

It’s hard to imagine Kashmiri, Palestinian, Rohingya, Syrian, Yemeni, Afghan, Iraqi, Somali, Libyan, Sri Lankan, Dalit, Black, Latina, Mayan, Mindanaon Muslim women feeling particularly celebratory about International Women’s Day. Their loss & terror are unimaginable. What we celebrate is their intransigent resistance to war, occupation, persecution, genocide & the encouragement that gives to suffering humanity & all who are oppressed. What there is for us, for Kashmiri & many other of these women to celebrate is their leadership in the fight against the systematic use of rape & sexual assault as a weapon of war, occupation, & genocide. Because they do not bend the knee to tyranny & terror, all of humanity is heartened to stand with them in the struggle for a world suitable for our children to come of age in, to live & love in.

(Photos by Junaid Bhat)