Some elders really don’t deserve respect

It’s so compelling to talk about the engagement of Rupert Murdoch & Jerry Hall but who wants to mock true love? Cynics may think it’s all about the money but crepey-skinned octogenarians do have quite an appeal when they’re lathered in Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty Perfume at $12,722 an ounce. You can’t smell the stinking corruption.

It’s actually much more compelling that nonagenarian Phyllis Schlafly has dragged her bony ass from the mausoleum to endorse Donald Trump, especially for his xenophobic views. Who, you ask? Schlafly was the rightwing loudmouth who became notorious for opposing feminism, the Equal Rights Amendment, & espousing family values in the 1970s. Of course she had to abandon her family for several years to do that but they were glad to see her go.

Shlafly considers immigrants an existential threat to the US, just as she considered feminism in the 1970s. Her family is hoping she gets on the bandwagon again so they can be rid of her for another decade.