Solidarity with Eastern Ghouta in Kashmir

Faisal Khan فيصل خان    @lookaround81  Mar 4 More Candle-light protest in solidarity with Asifa Bano and Syrian children on March 04, 2018 in Srinagar

In the midst of actions against the massacre at Shopian, Kashmiris held a candle light protest in solidarity with Asifa Bano, the little girl so monstrously tortured, raped, & murdered in Jammu, & with the Syrian children of Eastern Ghouta, March 4th in Srinagar. Extending solidarity to others who are also oppressed is a hallmark of the Kashmiri struggle against occupation & for self-determination. They have rallied for Syrians, Palestinians, Rohingya, Central Africans, & others.


(Photo by Faisal Khan)