Sign petition to participate in cultural boycott of Israel


The English singer & UNICEF ambassador, Robbie Williams is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv this coming May. UNICEF claims its mission is to provide humanitarian assistance to women & children in poor countries. So apparently there’s a disconnect & Williams doesn’t know that just 45 miles away in Gaza, Israel killed & maimed hundreds of women & children in the siege last summer & made thousands homeless.

An Israeli concert promotion site said that since his career is “not quite in the superstardom ranks” anymore it was the perfect time for Williams to “rake in a few shekels from star-hungry fans.” We prefer to think the best of performers & think he’d want to know about Israeli ethnic cleansing. We can’t imagine the exorbitant fees paid to lure artists to Israel would reduce a humanitarian ambassador to venality & unseemly groveling for money. After all, he’s an artist, not a street monkey on a string, right?

Please sign & share this petition as part of the cultural boycott of Israel which is having a powerful impact.

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