Sarkozy arrested for taking suitcases of cash from Gaddafi to finance presidential campaign

Nicholas Sarkozy (AAP) Mar 20 2018

There’s so little to celebrate these days in the ways of justice. But the arrest of Nicholas Sarkozy for accepting suitcases of cash from Muammar Gaddafi to finance his 2007 presidential election is a bonanza of jubilation. Of course money laundering & payola are the least of his crimes. He ought to be standing trial before an international human rights crime tribunal for his persecution of the Roma people by raiding their camps & deporting them against EU policy; for his xenophobic & anti-immigration policies; for inspiring hate crimes & discrimination against Muslims & denying them freedom of religion by outlawing the burqa; & by his role in the 2011 war against Libya. Gaddafi was a dictator & no prize package but it was up to the Libyan people to depose him (as they were in the process of doing), not US & European bombers.

With that mouth thing in this photo, our man is using the international language of politicians caught in the act. But he has no shame for his crimes; only regret he got caught. He has friends in high places. So like IMF heads Christine Lagarde accused of financial corruption & Dominique Strauss-Kahn accused of rape, it’s likely Sarkozy will walk. We can only hope he’ll rot in hell someday & that French working people will complete what they began in 1968.

(Photo from AAP)