Saint Angelina Jolie, the war monger

William Hague and Angelina Jolie (Getty)

It would be touching that Angelina Jolie showed up in Syria to advocate for refugee rights–& it cannot be denied her brief statement was pro-refugee–but she does so only to more effectively promote military action, as she has more than once, including at the UN, for US military intervention into Syria; in her film about Bosnia titled “In the Land of Blood & Honey”; & in Libya.

Jolie, who is politically conservative, is a shill for humanitarian wars & uses her celebrity for that purpose. Why has she never spoken out against US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, or US drone bombing in Pakistan & Yemen? Why does she only show up in countries to promote intervention under the guise of humanitarianism?

She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a so-called think tank for promoting US government policies & is here shown with conservative British politician William Hague.

When people do the right thing, that’s good. But when they do the right thing in order to promote evil, that’s realpolitik. Credulity on that score does not serve justice.

(Photo from Getty)