Russian & US bombers pummel civilians in Idlib

rebel-held Idlib city, Syria. REUTERS:Ammar Abdullah: Mar 20 2017

Russian bombers pummeled Idlib city, Syria, targeting residential neighborhoods & causing buildings to collapse & bury residents in tons of rubble.

The Syrian opposition coalition accused Russia of using thermobaric bombs, also called vacuum bombs, considered the most destructive explosive, excluding nuclear weapons. The main affects are burns & ruptured lungs from inhaling burning fuel.

Russian airstrikes on Idlib were in the same time period as the US airstrikes on the mosque near Idlib. The Pentagon said the airstrike on the mosque killed “several terrorists” which is Russia’s justification for carpet bombing civilians. Coincidence or coordination?

It appears the counter-revolutionary alliance between Syria, Russia, & the US to destroy the Syrian revolution against dictatorship may be emerging from the shadows, exposing Assadist propagandists & the Hands off Syria Coalition as cold-blooded agents of dictatorship.

Photo is White Helmet rescue workers & other civilians rescuing people from the bombed buildings.

(Photo by Ammar Abdullah/Reuters)