Russian & Syrian bombing in Syria kill & bury civilians under rubble

Hamouriyah Syria bombing (White Helmets) Feb 7 2018

Russian bombing in eastern Ghouta caused a building to collapse & bury civilian residents under the rubble. Eight were rescued alive. There is no report on the number who died or are still buried under rubble. It isn’t reported whether this child survived or not.

Those who glorify Russia’s role in Syria & support Syrian, Russian, or US coalition bombing of civilians should hang their heads in shame. Do they really dare argue that protecting Assad’s national sovereignty to arrest, torture, disappear, execute political dissidents, & carpet bomb civilians is a progressive, antiwar position? It is not too late to reclaim political principles & oppose the bombing of civilians by any military force. It is not too late to stand with the Syrian revolution against Assad’s dictatorship.

Demand the immediate cessation of bombing & the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces from Syria.

(Photo from White Helmets)