Rohingya refugees living in squalid conditions

Rohingya refugee kids (Shafiur Rahman) May 10 2018

Rohingya refugee kids at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh: one can see from the quality of life in makeshift tents that international refugee aid is pouring into the Rohingya community with the largesse of an eyedropper. It is not just a matter of extreme physical distress but a health & a mental wellbeing issue that refugees be provided with proper shelter. Bangladeshi prime minister Sheikh Hasina presides over a sweatshop economy involving child labor so left to her own devices little will change for the refugees. But part of that sweatshop economy is the exponential growth of millionaires & billionaires sucking off the labor of children. Hasina can cry poor mouth till the cows come home but her government has the resources to provide decent shelter for refugees, especially if Bangladesh publicly demands other governments provide, & not just pledge, aid.

(Photo by Shafiur Rahman)