Rohingya refugee testifies to Buddhist racism against Rohingya in Burma

Racist cartoon from The Irrawaddy May 2016

Powerful testimony to Buddhist racism against the Rohingya people by Kyaw Kyaw Win:

“When I was in Burma, Buddhist people openly called us “Kalar” (means migrant nigger), openly tell us we are ugly, & used to mock our skin color.

It is very usual & we did not even understand it was racism. Even my childhood Buddhist friends, classmates used to call me like that, used to mock my physical appearance & skin color, even school teachers call us Kalar.

We did not mind for that, I used to be laughing, agreed that I am ugly Kalar, & did not feel that their behaviour was rude. When we go to meet new people, they ask “Are you Kalar” we say “Yes” because this racist word is very common & we can say that it is an official usage to describe Muslim in Burma.

We did not have anti-Muslim movement & hate speeches that time, but the situation was like that. You can imagine how worse situation nowadays because of hate rising against Muslim.”

(This racist, ruthless, xenophobic cartoon appeared in The Irrawaddy, a newspaper started by 1988 activists in exile who have now become enthusiastic bloodthirsty supporters of the Rohingya genocide. It mocks the thousands of Rohingya refugees who have drowned fleeing from genocide.)