Right-wingers can’t get their fill of hating on Fidel Castro

When right-wingers get tired of hating on Fidel Castro maybe they could direct some of that energy to Guantanamo on the other end of the island. Of course when the US waterboards & tortures people to death, it’s for a higher purpose; it’s humanitarian.

That isn’t to dismiss the accusations against Castro by comparison to US crimes. Human rights & justice don’t roll that way. But you can’t just repeat US Cold War propaganda like a ventriloquist dummy & expect your credibility to survive. That’s how loudmouths operate, not serious political people.

Cuba has some serious problems with democracy & some even more serious problems with economic survival. Some of its positions on international questions are reactionary–like a bantustate solution for Palestinians. But there isn’t a single instance of Cuba taking bombers & special forces after another country & turning it into a killing field.