Rania Khalek groveling for Assad

Rania Khalek on Eastern Ghouta Feb 27 2018

Apparently there is a rift among Assadists between those who claim bombing victims & rescuers in Eastern Ghouta are all Hollywood actors & those who claim they are all terrorists. Rania Khalek is a social-climbing hack who in 2016 traveled for a few days in Syria embedded up the ass of the Syrian army. She got on the bad side of fascists Bartlett & Beeley, who she traveled with, by accusing the Syrian army of trying to poison her. The two fascist guppies to Assad truck with no imputations against their paymaster. Here we have the execrable Khalek weighing in on the carpet bombing of civilians in Eastern Ghouta where she approves not just of Syrian & Russian bombing but also of US coalition bombing of civilians. May she finish her decay in hell.