Rallies around world today in solidarity with people of Eastern Ghouta

There will be protests all over the world today in solidarity with the thousands of people of Eastern Ghouta now being forcibly relocated & dispersed to homelessness & refugee tents after months of bombing & artillery attacks. Rallies will be in Poland, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Canada, the US, UK, Germany & elsewhere. It’s important to note that Assad supporters on social media outnumber those who support the uprising against Assad’s dictatorship but as we now know, most of them are either politically deranged Islamophobes, fascists, & anti-Semites or Russian trolls & bots, a distinction not immediately apparent. You can’t tell Assadist blow up dolls from zombies. When it comes to action, solidarity actions with those who oppose dictatorship have always dwarfed the puny-assed mobilizations in support of dictatorship. Many live under repressive regimes or occupation, like in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Rohingya refugee camps, Kashmir, so protests are not easy to pull off. But the commitment to freedom in Syria is strong. Our fullest solidarity with protests around the world standing on antiwar & human rights principles with the people of Syria.