Protests at Russian embassies around world in solidarity with Aleppo

Istanbul Dec 13 2016 for Aleppo (from FB wall of Amr Moaz Alsarraj)

Istanbul, Turkey, December 13 2016: march in solidarity with east Aleppo. Hundreds also rallied today in London.

There will be rallies in Stockholm & Gothenburg, Sweden; Gaziantep, Turkey; Amman, Jordan; Liverpool & Bradford, UK; Sydney & Melbourne, Australia; Karachi & Lahore, Pakistan; Denmark; Paris; Sarajevo; Gaza; Luxembourg; Ireland; Washington DC; Hamburg & Aarhus , Germany; Boston, McAllen, TX, Washington DC & NYC, US; Kuwait; Scotland; different parts of Syria; Amsterdam.

Does anyone know of other events around the world? If not, consider calling one.

(Photo from FB wall of Amr Moaz Alsarraj)