Protests around world in solidarity with people of Eastern Ghouta

Syrian activists have called for solidarity protests at Russian embassies across the world against Russian bombing in Eastern Ghouta. If there is no Russian or Syrian embassy in your city, you can rally at a US government building since the US is also bombing civilians in Syria.

There are already solidarity protests around the world in solidarity with the people of Eastern Ghouta. Rallies have been or will be held in: Istanbul; Prague; Munich, Bochum, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Wuppertal, Stuttgart, Germany; Paris & Strasbourg, France; Amsterdam, The Hague; Geneva; Copenhagen, Arhus, & Ronne, Denmark; Malmo, Göteborg, & Stockholm, Sweden; London, Manchester, & Bristol, UK; Vienna; Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal; Delhi, India; Sydney, Australia; Brussels; Beirut; Amman, Jordan; Barcelona; Auckland, New Zealand; NYC & Minneapolis, USA; Palermo, Udine, & Bologna, Italy; Szczecin, Bielsko-Biala, Warsaw, & Poznan, Poland; cities in Syria. More cities will be calling them & many who have are not yet listed.

You can find the listings & Facebook events pages at this site so that you can also participate in this historic antiwar & solidarity movement. If you have an event not listed, please notify the admins of this wall so they can announce it. (If you do not have a rally in your town, you can contact me for information on how to call one.)