Protest for disappeared in Kashmir

APDP protest (Indian Illegal Occupation In Kashmir) Mar12 2018

Instead of being at school, this little kid joined his family at the monthly APDP (Association of the parents of Disappeared person) sit-in protest in Srinagar. Ahmad’s uncle Bilal Ahmad Dar from Budgam was abducted & disappeared by the Indian Army during the 90’s.

Indians who think the Kashmiri struggle is an illegal, separatist movement have to make a moral & political choice whether they believe that occupation by 700,000 troops & special forces, impunity for human rights crimes by those troops, forcible disappearance at the rate of one person every day since 1989, mass rape & constant sexual harassment, arbitrary arrest & torture, frisking & harassing civilians going about their daily business, curfews, school closures are how democratic societies deal with those who want to be independent & stand on solid historical, cultural, political, & legal grounds for their claim.

(Photo fromĀ Indian Illegal Occupation In Kashmir)