Protest Assad’s gassing of civilians if you have to protest alone

In 1967, as a student at the University of Minnesota, I knew nothing about Palestine & Israeli colonialism. When the ’67 war began, the Minneapolis media began a hysterical pro-Israel campaign that disturbed me. I knew we were being played but didn’t know why.

Walking across the campus one day, I saw a lone Palestinian picketing with a placard & asked him why, hoping to clarify what the media frenzy was all about. He was probably scared & gruffly answered me “They stole our land” but refused to elaborate. It wasn’t much but enough for me to understand there was more to the story than the Star Tribune was reporting. So I sought out the full answer to my question & eventually became involved in the Arab-American student group to organize solidarity work.

Keeping in mind the impact of that one young man, I have gone out to protest alone many times if I’m unable to find others to work with. Antiwar work is very weak here although the potential is considerable. To my mind, there has to be a public response to Assad’s gassing of civilians. It is elementary politics. If anyone is interested in joining me or helping to organize a rally, please let me know. Otherwise I’m going out alone but the power is in numbers.