Protecting Facebook accounts from hackers

The hacking of Satyadeep Satya’s Facebook account either by amateur or professional hackers is becoming more of a problem among many of my friends. It threatens the work people do to advance justice, interferes with our friendships, creates distrust among us.

Usually the recommendation is to change one’s password & make it complicated & strong. But that isn’t proving to be enough against the malignant & against pros. As we know from how India messes with internet & social media access in Kashmir, our democratic access to reliable news is under siege.

One of the most dangerous professions is journalism with astronomical murder, kidnapping, forcible disappearance incarceration rates. (We’re talking real journalists, not the embedded kind who sing for their supper.)

Social media is a democratic source of information, giving us a vast range of sources & the means to vet those sources so it’s in our interests to protect it.

We know from the “VPN war” India is running against Kashmiri activists that many of the latter are tech savvy & know their way around lockouts so maybe they know their way around ambushes like hacking. We know that many others are also up to speed on this stuff. No questions asked of the latter, we’d be interested if anyone has ideas of how we can protect our social media accounts from being hacked & attacked.