Politics or parody? Syria banned genetically modified seeds for health but continues to bomb whole cities

Politics or parody?

Some of the more unhinged Assadists list among Assad’s many political merits that under his rule “Syria has banned genetically modified seeds to preserve human health.”

Syria & Russia have used megatonnes of deadly munitions against civilians, including barrel bombs filled with chlorine, cluster bombs, bunker busters, thermobaric bombs, & incendiary munitions. The environmental destruction must be incalculable.

Russia Today boasted last week that its military has tested 162 upgraded weapons systems in just one year of bombing Syrians, including fighter jets, attack helicopters, & cruise missiles which a Russian military official said “have proved to be highly efficient.”

Syrian & Russian bombing & the military intervention of several other countries, including Iran, Hezbollah, & the US coalition, has created nearly 5 million Syrian refugees & killed nearly 500,000 men, women, & children.

Assadists scoff at all that & clap like trained seals that he banned genetically modified seeds? Maybe it isn’t parody at all but criminal apologetics for war & unfathomable social hatred for Muslims.