Paul Antonopoulos, a leading member of Hands Off Syria Coalition has secret life as Nazi

Antonopoulos screen shot

Assadist Tim Anderson just bounced Paul Antonopoulos from the Australian Hands Off Syria Coalition leadership body because he was outed as a Nazi with an active secret life posting outrageously vile & hateful racist comments about Aborigines.

Antonopoulos was a featured speaker at the recent Assadist conference Anderson organized in Sydney. He is also a Stalinist who portrays himself as “anti-imperialist.” After being outed as a Nazi, he was bounced as deputy editor of Al-Masdar News, the Assadist journalistic equivalent of The National Inquirer. Only worse. More like Sputnik News.

Anderson & Leith Abou Fadel, the editor of Al-Masdar News, are going all righteous but neither one of them is a slouch when it comes to ugly racism. It’s their stock-in-trade. It’s who they are politically. The political essence of Assadism is a demented amalgam of Stalinism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, libertarianism, fascism. All you have to do to show that is look at the political forces lined up four-square behind Assad & Putin.

If Anderson & Fadel get all carried away with righteousness & start expelling Nazis & fascists, the entire grass roots of the Assadist movement is gone along with every one of the leaders. The only ones left will be the rah-rah chorus of lost souls who don’t know their ass from their elbow. If a movement is built on support for a fascist dictator, the grass roots movement of followers will most likely be comprised of fascists.

Now a question remains: articles & speeches by Antonopoulos have been shared all over social media. He’s heralded by Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, & countless other Assadists. How will they scoop up all that manure to disassociate at least publicly from his fascism which they secretly share?

(Photo is Antonopoulos speaking at Tim Anderson’s Assadist conference in Sydney.)