Palestinians already accused of arson in Israeli fires

Israeli fires Nove 2016

Social media is awash in accusations that 800,000 Arabs have tweeted jubilation about the fires in Israel. Their elation is going viral according to the reports. Others are retweeting this unsubstantiated charge with disgust, like it was the gospel truth. The source of the story is Vocativ, a media company founded & run by an Israeli who once published an article about ISIS links to Hamas in Gaza.

Israeli media is reporting that Israeli government officials & Shin Bet are already accusing Palestinians of arson for political purposes. They will use that charge without investigation to victimize Palestinians & they will do so despite the countless Palestinians who rushed to help Israel put out the fires.

One jamoke from California who claims to be a supporter of Palestinians said about the fires: “Hey karma is karma.” He can take that kind of solidarity & stuff it where the sun don’t shine because it discredits Palestinian solidarity as hateful. His pathology of social hatred for Jews & the arrant disregard for the tens of thousands of Israelis fleeing for their lives is not an expression of solidarity but of political derangement.

Palestinians intend to defeat Israel politically, not by torching thousands of people to death.