Palestinian responds to Max Blumenthal’s scurrilous “exposé” of White Helmets

50 Palestinians who died in Assad's jails (from Twitter of Talal Alyan from Gaza) )ct 5 2016

The outraged responses of Syrians & Palestinians to Max Blumenthal’s scurrilous “exposé” of the White Helmets are the most cogent rebukes to journalists who defame rescue workers & do not denounce Syria & Russia for bombing cities with hundreds of thousands of people.

This photo montage was tweeted by Palestinian Talal Alyan who identified them as 50 of at least 448 Palestinians who died in Assad’s prisons & said about 1,080 Palestinians remain in Assad’s jails.

In another tweet, Alyan said: “Should we write about Niraz Saied & the over 1,100 other Palestinians in Assad jails?”
“Nah, lets direct our outrage at rescue workers?”