Our rulers have popped their cork

Thai navy May 15 2015

This photo is documentation the people who run this planet have officially popped their cork. The Guardian-UK caption says in the Andaman Sea near Thailand, “Rohingya migrants swim to collect food supplies dropped by a Thai army helicopter after they jumped from a boat.” It’s long been established that media caption writers struggle with language. It’s so hard to be pithy when a picture is worth a thousand of your damn lies.

So what came first? Did the Rohingya jump off theĀ boat to take a leak or take a swim & then the Thai army decided to deliver food to them then & there? Or did the Thai army actually airdrop food supplies in the Andaman Sea for exhausted, starving immigrants to make a swim for?

Because the Andaman Sea is bigger than a swimming pool. The depth goes from nearly 3,600 feet (1,096 m) to nearly 14,000 feet (4,198 m) & it’s 231,700 square miles (600,000 km). Should people without life jackets really be swimming around out there? Are there sharks? What if nobody on the boat could swim?

Couldn’t the Thai army which has annual joint military training exercises with the Pentagon come up with a less barbaric way to deliver food? Or several less barbaric ways?

The more you know about out “leaders”, the more certain you are of their criminal insanity. We’re not safe with them in charge.

Immigration is a human right! Open the borders!

(Photo by Christophe Archambault/AFP/Getty Images)

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