Our constipated politicians

Trump & Obama ((Kevin Lamarque:Reuters) Nov 12 2016

Trump & Ryan (Joshua Roberts:Reuters) Nov 12 2016

What’s with the mouth thing here? Do we need a body language expert or do our politicians all have constipation problems? Given their politics, that would be understandable. Given their policies, we have our own health problems to worry about but without insurance coverage.

From Clinton/s concession speech to this meeting with Obama, the US establishment is trying so hard to make Trump look presidential. They could start with making the orange & bleach job go away & wiping that sneer off his face. But there’s no way such a vile & contemptible swine could ever feign dignity–either as a president or as a porn star. That’s the way it is.

(Photo of Obama & Trump by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters; photo of Ryan & Trump by Joshua Roberts/Reuters)