On the banalities of opposition to “identity politics”

Those oppressed for their identity don’t truck well with the rubbish demeaning our struggles against racism, casteism, misogyny as politically inferior. If a demographics were done of the people who hold “identity politics” in contempt, privilege would be written all over it. As long as we are oppressed for our identify, we will fight for our dignity as part of every struggle we are involved in–because our identity is always an issue.

As Khalid Anis Ansari so succinctly & cogently states it:

“there is no politics without an identity. we only embrace those that work for us and reject those that don’t. left, feminist, hindutva, muslim, pasmanda, dalit, bahujan, moolniwasi, lgbti, islamist, marathi, ecofeminist, adivasi. its a long menu card. make a pick and fight your battle….cut this crap that your politics is beyond identity.”