On the attacks on Paris

Just so there’s no confusion, the monstrous attacks in Paris are to be condemned–whoever committed them. Our heartfelt condolences to those who lost a beloved or survive & live in fear. Targeting defenseless civilians is a criminal outrage & those who did this should be apprehended & prosecuted.

For the record, I am not persuaded by the report that ISIS took responsibility. Documentation for that is necessary in a world based on governmental deceits & chicaneries.

When terrorism hits countries & cities not in the designated war zones of the US-NATO nexus, it should bring home to us the horrors of what is happening to defenseless civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, DR Congo, Mexico, Myanmar, Somalia, & elsewhere sustaining ethnic cleansing, brutal repression, or massive carpet bombing.

Hopefully we will channel that horror & outrage into rebuilding the international antiwar movement to stop the state terrorism that only begets more terrorism & human suffering. There is no other way to stop it.

May all victims of terrorism from Paris to Kashmir to Palestine to Afghanistan & elsewhere Rest In Peace.