On the 2010 murder of 14-year-old Sergio Hernandez by US border patrol

In 2010, a 14-year-old Mexican boy named Sergio Hernandez was shot by US border patrol on the Mexican side of the border near El Paso allegedly for stone pelting, although he was shot in the back.

There wasn’t much political response in the US or in Mexico for such an outrageous crime against a young boy. There was a lilliputian protest here & I went out a few times by myself with a placard.
In my FB memories for this day, I came across this post about the shameful role El Paso media played in blunting the anger for the boy’s murder. I was so outraged by their dishonest smearing of Sergio that I sent several emails to the El Paso TV station to which I never received even a canned reply. This is one email I sent about their claim that he was involved in smuggling immigrants. Bless his heart if he was involved in helping them, but he was not.

There has never been justice for his murder. Presently, the US Supreme Court is sitting on a case deciding the right of his family to file a civil suit against the border patrol, denied by lower courts because he was shot on the Mexican side of the border. May he Rest In Peace.

“Sent email to KFOX-TV, El Paso: “You reported anonymous source saying 14-yo Sergio Hernandez was known immigrant smuggler, charged in 2009, and on most wanted list of juvenile smugglers.

Why would this information require anonymous source; is it not all a matter of public record? Where is the most wanted list posted and who posts it? What are the details of the 2009 charge? Is all this per Mexican or U.S. sources?”