Nick Cage & The Bad Seeds slated to play Tel Aviv: cultural boycott appeal

Australian rock group Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are slated to play Tel AvivĀ on November 19 & 20th, 2017. The group has played Israel four times previously but not since Palestinian groups called for a cultural boycott in 2005 to protest Israeli apartheid.

In the education of Nick Cave about the character of Israeli apartheid we are not starting out from ground zero. He has in the past & more than once participated in activities to support Palestinians, including signing a letter in 2014 protesting the use of drone bombers in Gaza during Israel’s seven week carpet bombing offensive. Obviously our man’s understanding of apartheid & ethnic cleansing does not go deep enough.

On this page we will suggest all the social media & other places you can contact Nick Cage to discuss with him the imperatives of standing with Palestinians.

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