Music, not war chants!

And beside all the compelling political reasons why immigration is a human right, there are the cultural ones that make it so desirable. In a world chock full of global communication, we still don’t know much about each other or about our different cultures–especially the vibrancy of poetry & music & art.

Many first heard the Peruvian flute from immigrant musicians playing for change in subways or on street corners. Once you’ve heard it’s vibrant & sometimes haunting sounds, you will find it unforgettable. Why should the global predators be allowed to deny us these treasures? It’s for certain once we’ve heard their music, we’re less willing to take up arms against others or consider them barbarians.

Colonial powers have turned much of culture into propaganda, especially film. But this kind of culture doesn’t serve colonialism at all; it only serves human solidarity. We are meant to be brothers & sisters singing our own songs to each other–not shouting war chants.

This musician is in Q’ero, Peru.

(Photo by Kazuyoshi Nomachi)

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