Modi makes official visit to Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas & Modi Feb 10 2018 (Reuters)

There are all sorts of things operating in Modi’s visit to Ramallah to visit the traitorous Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas holds the titles president of Palestine & president of the Palestinian Authority (PA) but both are appointed positions. He wasn’t elected to either one but was appointed by hacks with the same rotten politics he has. There is no state of Palestine. One can hardly call militarily occupied territories being gradually but massively expropriated by Israel & encroached on by Israeli settlements anything more than bantustates. That’s what makes the suggestion of a two-state solution so malignant & detestable, not to mention, unworkable. Abbas’ chief purpose is to administer the Oslo Accords & repress Palestinian resistance to the forcible expropriation of their lands under that US-brokered “peace plan.”

Abbas is a whipped puppy so why would Modi who presides over a state of nearly a billion people pay a state visit to the West Bank when the combined population of the West Bank, Gaza, & East Jerusalem is less than 4 million? Why would Modi pretend to play both sides of the street by having diplomatic relations with both Israel & the Palestinian Authority? The answer is that there are no divided loyalties here. Abbas is not a Palestinian freedom fighter & has nothing in common with them. He’s a two-bit shyster whose mission in life–for which he is well-remunerated–is to sell the Palestinian struggle down the river. His allegiance is solely to Israel. It’s possible, with Trump blowing smoke about cutting off funds to the PA, that Abbas wants to play Trump by asking Modi to replace the US as mediator in Palestine-Israel negotiations. But since those negotiations have led to the Oslo Accords, there isn’t much left for Abbas to betray.

Palestinians gain nothing from a Modi-Abbas alliance. Modi, however, derives legitimacy for the occupation of Kashmir. There are people in the world who actually believe that Abbas represents Palestinians. By feigning diplomatic ties to the Palestinians under the aegis of Abbas, Modi believes he can more easily undermine & isolate the Kashmiri freedom struggle. Regardless of his words, his allegiance is not with Palestinians but with Israel which supplies India with military equipment & trains its counterinsurgency forces in barbarism.

While in Ramallah, Abbas awarded Modi the Grand Collar of the State of Palestine, an honorific which appears to have been invented recently & has already compensated for lack of history with considerable disgrace. Its three other recipients include King Salman of Saudi Arabia (the guy who beheads dissidents & has been bombing Yemen for nearly three years), King Hamad of Bahrain (the guy who crushed the Bahrain Arab Spring uprising by the most brutal means, including pellet guns & incarceration of dissidents), & president Xi Jinping of China (the guy helping rescue Israel from the impact of BDS by billions in investments & exchanges–among other criminalities).

The economic & cultural boycott is not sufficient to win the struggle against Israeli apartheid & ethnic cleansing but it is an essential way to educate & broaden solidarity with the Palestinian people who will someday, without doubt, rise up & throw Abbas & his lieutenants to the curb & choose a leadership worthy of them & their historic struggle.

(Photo of Modi & Abbas in Ramallah from Reuters)