Media portrays International Women’s Day as fight for more CEOs

Hundreds of thousands of women around the world marched yesterday over life & death issues. Morning news highlighted a woman who complained we are underrepresented on corporate boards & that stupid glass ceiling. The overwhelming number of women haven’t gotten out of the sub-basement to get near the ceiling.

That was how media misrepresented 1970s feminism as all white middle-class women, writing Black, Latina, & working class feminists right out of history of which we were a central part. Just as they misrepresented its emergence in the 1960s as all man-hating lesbians & spinsters too ugly to get a man.

That would qualify as fake news & unfortunately it’s where most people, including younger feminists, got their views of the women’s liberation movement that changed the world. Not enough, but in consciousness of women’s oppression & in the first steps of ending it. Until leaders like Gloria Steinem & Betty Friedan railroaded it into the Democratic Party & parked it.