Mean-spirited speculation about Hillary Clinton’s health

Don’t know if Hillary Clinton is seriously sick but I do know there’s some real mean-spirited speculating about it. I have no feelings about her health one way or the other but wishing ill on someone, even a war criminal, isn’t part of working for social change in my world.

If she were prosecuted in a war tribunal that would be justice. But hoping she has some incapacitating illness would be lowlife.

When my mother quoted the Bible verse, “Revenge is mine. I will repay sayeth the Lord,” I always asked her in return “But why should God have all the fun?” In politics, justice isn’t personal revenge or an Old Testament kind of thing of inflicting someone with ulcers, flesh-eating locusts & 40 years of famine. It’s facing one’s victims in a court of law. That’s the way civilized societies do it.