Maybe bombing empty airbase was all about making Trump presidential (or at least a man again)

Whoever suggested the bombing of the empty airport hangars was about making Trump presidential may have had a point. We know it had nothing to do with the gassing of civilians at Khan Sheikhoun. Mosul is the most current testimony to that. The US hit a couple rusting airplanes & the airport is fully operative today.

What makes this seem more about Trump’s image is media coverage trying to present him as a man who grew into the presidency combined with the shuffling & demotion of personnel like Steve Bannon & Kellyanne Conway.

The guy’s a lowbrow, loud-mouthed skunk with no morals, no ideology, precious little intelligence & that is twisted, & no abilities at anything except bullying. Not unlike a lot of other US presidents but at least they didn’t have a Twitter account.