Libertarianism is the theoretics of fascism

“Western leftists” or “anti-imperialist leftists” is what some call the mucky pro-Assad conglomerate of erstwhile socialists, retired FBI & CIA agents & US military officers, Muslim & Jewish haters, fascists, nationalists & white supremacists like David Duke, libertarian apostles of Ron Paul & David Icke who believe reptilian Jewish bankers run the world.

Those aren’t the right terms politically or epithetically & terminology matters in clarifying what this stinking political morass represents. What they represent is the political & theoretical dominance for the past two decades of libertarianism. One can argue that Noam Chomsky’s kind of libertarianism should be excluded in that definition but then one would have to explain why he agrees with the rest of the conglomerate on Syria & is willing to stand with those who believe the reptilian Jewish bankers crap.

Libertarianism is the theoretics of fascism filled with obscurantism, mysticism, conspiracies, Lucifers, anti-papists, shape-shifting, blood-drinking, corpse-eating extraterrestrials & reptilian Jewish bankers. One can see in the writings of Bartlett & Beeley how seamlessly it transitions for use in opposing the Syrian revolution against dictatorship.

The term that defines the politics of Assadism is libertarianism. I make a concession referring to them as libertarian leftists because not all have fully transitioned to fascism. History will use much less flattering terminology for those who support crimes in Syria of the scale of Hitler & Stalin.