Liberals blamed by crackpots for end of civilization

Everybody is denouncing the Democratic Party (DP) liberals, flailing right & left, blaming them for everything from Trump to the end of civilization.

There’s a problem with that: the DP isn’t really a membership organization; it’s an electoral apparatus. It has officials that don’t associate with the rest of us, celebrity hangers-on, political collaborators from the social movements, politicians who claim it as their own, & state & local functionaries, usually referred to as hacks.

The job of that apparatus is to garner the vote & manage opposition from the left. The apparatchiks are all suitable people to target in denunciations. Go for it.

But those who vote for the DP should not be denounced & excoriated for exercising their right to vote for who they pleased. The truth of the matter is that many who vote Democrat are involved in the social movements, including antiwar, women’s rights, civil rights, & all the rest–& they always have been. Many who vote Democrat are progressive, humanitarian, marvelous people & these sweeping denunciations are not deserved.