La Bestia train & Central American immigration to the US

La Bestia

The US border patrol just rescued several undocumented immigrants who had been abandoned by their “coyote” (smuggler). They were rushed immediately to the hospital suffering from heatstroke & dehydration in the over 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures here. When they recover they will likely be processed for deportation.

Many cross the Rio Grande River on the US-Mexico border into sugar cane fields which are suffocating & disorienting. They hide there from border patrols which often take mounted agents after them. This is also an area where many immigrants die & are buried in impromptu cemeteries set up caring residents.

This train named La Bestia is how thousands of Central American & Mexican immigrants travel north to the US border. They are subject to extreme violence from criminal thugs & from paramilitary death squads. They are robbed, raped, beaten, kidnapped, extorted, disappeared, murdered & dumped in mass graves. Many lose limbs from jumping on & off the moving trains & must return to countries without social security protections.

Even if they have money, they cannot travel on buses without being apprehended & deported by Mexican police & soldiers–even though the Mexican senate made it legal to transit to the US border.

Immigration is a human right. Open the damn borders.