Kissinger still hasn’t croaked

Kissinger in England (AP Photo:Alastair Grant ) Oct 28 2016

Henry Kissinger is now 93-years-old. Most of us who’ve lived through his legacy of ‘realpolitik’–of murderous wars, coups, genocides–had hoped he’d be dead by now or on life-support. Until working people in several countries settle their accounts with justice, we have no hopes he will be prosecuted for the most unspeakable crimes of the 20th & early 21st centuries.

When he finally does croak, he will be lauded as a statesman but he’s nothing more than a vain, ruthless, amoral two-bit thug backed by bombers & special forces. Unfortunately his tenure as advisor to the US has not ended. He consulted with John Kerry on US negotiations with Russia about Syria in 2013 & as late as October 2015 gave his assessment of the value to the US of Russian intervention in Syria.

Here he is leaving No. 10 Downing Street in London after meeting earlier this week with Prime Minister Theresa May & Chancellor Philip Hammond who refused to say what they discussed. You’d be a fool to think he was just sharing biscuits & tea with the two of them. Where he goes mayhem follows.

We await the day we can write a celebratory obituary.

(Photo by Alastair Grant/AP)