Kashmir’s littlest stone pelters

Kashmir's littlest stone pelters Mar 14 2018

Kashmir’s littlest stone pelters: a nationalist posted this collage as “the other side of the story” to justify the use of pellet guns by Indian troops. Hundreds of young stone pelters are arrested in Kashmir. One sees the same thing in Palestine where Israel can incarcerate a child stone pelter for up to 20 years. Most of them are working class kids. Ahed Tamimi, who remains in prison, began resisting occupation as a small girl & is one of thousands of Palestinian & Kashmiri children robbed of childhood by military occupation & colonialism.

There have been moralist halfwits who denounce Kashmiri or Palestinian parents for allowing their children free to engage in resistance politics. Perhaps it isn’t fair to call them moralist halfwits so much as profoundly ignorant of what military occupation & genocide are all about. Children go about their daily lives or have their lives circumscribed by the presence of soldiers & paramilitary forces engaged in frisking, intimidation, & harassment, hunt to kill operations, forcible disappearances & arbitrary arrests of their family members, friends, & neighbors. Does anyone actually think one can keep children from rebelling when there is something about the very nature of a child that bristles at injustice & oppression? It is the child’s insistence on dignity & freedom that bring them into the streets against armed troops.

Those who stand for human rights look at this collage & feel outrage not at the children, nor certainly justification for pellet guns, but outrage & grief for children denied childhood & forced to fight for their very right to exist as free human beings.

Long live Palestinian & Kashmiri Intifada.

End the occupations. Self-determination for Palestinians & Kashmiris.