Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day on February 23rd

Kashmiri Women's Resistance Day 2017

Thursday, February 23rd, is commemorated as Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day, a now annual event which is part of the campaign demanding justice from the Indian government for the 1991 mass rape & torture by occupying soldiers in the villages of Kunan & Poshpora, Kashmir. It was not a case of undisciplined troops on a rampage but an orchestrated, calculated military operation.

Kashmiris have long endured extreme, unimaginable violence in their struggle against occupation. For so long they stood alone, vilified by the Indian government as terrorists, because there was almost no reporting about their struggle in international media. Kashmiri activists on social media have changed all that by campaigning to have their story told.

It’s an extraordinary testimony to humanity’s demand for freedom that Kashmiris, like Palestinians, have fought so long against such insuperable odds with so little support. Now that we know the violence they endure & the justice of their cause, it is imperative to begin forming the battalions of solidarity by participating with them in these events & telling others far & wide about the importance of their freedom struggle.

It’s a simple act of solidarity to like & share this page for an event commemorating Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day. It doesn’t matter that you can’t be there but that you let others know about it.