Jeremy Corbyn politically bankrupt on bombing of civilians in Syria

Gerald Scarfe on Corbyn's refusal to criticize Putin for poisoning March 2018

British Labour Party MP Jeremy Corbyn is really getting the business by media commentators & political cartoonists for refusing to blame or condemn Putin & the Kremlin for the nerve gas attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal living in the UK & his daughter Yulia. Fair enough. Every knows the Kremlin did it but due process & an investigation are required before we go all condemnatory.

What Corbyn should be excoriated for is years of equivocations & double-talk about Russian & Syrian bombing of civilians in Syria. He can’t be faulted for unequivocal denunciations of US coalition bombing in Syria & elsewhere. But when it comes to Russian intervention, mum’s the word for Corbyn. A little peep over Aleppo, some moral outrage here & there is not the same as denouncing what Syria, Russia, Iran, & other military forces are doing in Eastern Ghouta.

Cartoon by Gerald Scarfe on Corbyn’s response to the nerve gas attack.